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FAQ - 0-2 Years

What will you do if my baby is crying inconsolably?

The settling in time is very important to get to know your child and what might be normal for them. Generally children might cry if they are hungry or tired or another child takes a toy.  This is to be partly expected but apart from this children do not normally cry for long periods/inconsolably unless there is something wrong in which case we would contact you and let you know if we were unable to console/comfort her.  Each child has their own individual care plan which we establish with you at the induction visit shortly before your child is due to start at the nursery.  No child is left to cry unattended.
At the moment, my baby will only sleep in the day if she is carried in a sling. We are hoping she will grow out of this!  But if she doesn't, how will your staff deal with this?

I would recommend you try to encourage sleep in a cot - away from you - during the day as soon as possible.  We do stay with children on a one to one for those that need comfort to sleep and we will hold/rock/stroke children as you would at home although with some children it can have the opposite effect and may keep them awake.   We usually find children will accept something a little different from what happens at home when with us.  No child is left to cry or without sleep and if needs be there is always a walk out in a pushchair.   
We're planning to start weaning our baby at 6 months, using mainly finger foods.  How can we ensure that the weaning process is not disrupted when she joins the nursery?

Food will be given only as you wish. You may also bring in your own food for your child.

We use cloth nappies on our baby Is the nursery willing to use these?

Yes, children can come in cloth nappies.  We do though have limited safe storage space for soiled nappies and so please ask about this when booking your child with us. 

Is it okay to drop off our baby at 9.15 and collect her at 5.00, rather than at the nursery's opening and closing hours?

You can come and go as you please throughout the day.  There is no restriction on when and how often you may wish to come to the nursery during the day.  We only ask parents to avoid meal times at the nursery and we may ask you to wait and/or give a handover in the hallway during these times.

Is it okay for her grandparents, who live just round the corner, to collect her occasionally?

On the registration form we give you to complete you are able to name others authorised to collect your child.  Then on a day to day basis simply let us know if someone else named will be collecting your child apart from you.  We will also give a password and ask for a description or photo of the person collecting

What are the ages of the majority of the children who start in the baby room?

Between 9 - 12 months although sometimes from six months

Would you expect most of them to be on 1 or 2 sleeps?

Two sleeps is considered normal for children aged between 9 to 16 months and is recommended.  This then normally reduces to one sleep in the day.  The two most usual sleep times for very young children are mid-morning and mid–afternoon being either both or one of these. Grouping children of similar ages gives us the ability to meet their similar sleep needs and although children will sometimes commence with differences and sometimes not much of a routine at home usually quite quickly will settle into a similar sleep pattern with us which occurs naturally through the experience of being at the nursery with other children.  

When the 0-2 years room is in use by children (maybe just one) sleeping, does this mean that other areas of the nursery get crowded?

When we have children from the group needing a sleep separately to the usual sleep time for children of this age the curtained area in the bay is used whilst the remainder of the room remains in use for children not sleeping.  We also have the garden area solely for 0-2 year’s children being additional space for those not sleeping if needed.  There are number restrictions for all nursery areas used by the children.

Do you aim to fit all children into the same sleep routine?

No we don't fit children in to a routine and we do not work rigidly to a sleep time for children. We manage this by grouping children of similar ages which means we are able to provide for their needs similarly without compromising care.  The sleep needs of the children merge as they become settled in to the nursery environment. From this a routine establishes for the group.

What would happen if my child was asleep and you needed the room for feeding others?

Your child would be able to continue to sleep in the bay area.

What happens if older children want a sleep?

Sleep time for older children is after lunch from about 12.15 – 2.00pm to meet their sleep requirement. A 2-5 year  room is closed for children sleeping.

Is there anywhere for children to have a quiet time?

Every age group/area has a separate space designated for quiet where there are books, cushions, rugs and blankets for children to rest.  Children can rest as they wish throughout the day and it is also encouraged by us when we see the need. 

At what point do nappy changes happen throughout the day?

Nappies are changed as and when needed.  We always record nappy changes and checks this at routine times.  All children have their nappy changed after three hours.  This is the maximum time period we give for one nappy.

Are there any child protection procedures in place such as 2 staff members being present?

All staff work within small teams of between two and three and any prolonged absence would be straight away unusual and looked in to immediately. A Duty Manager is supernumerary every day to watch over the nursery floor. The nursery works diligently to meet the Safeguarding children requirement and management receive considerable additional training to meet this need.  The Green Door Nursery is not complacent in meeting the need to protect children.  Safeguarding is reflected in all practices at the nursery.  Safeguarding forms much of our work on a day to day basis and is evident in all the things we do.

Right from the point of recruitment all staff along with volunteers and students are thoroughly vetted and must pass many nursery clearance checks - including a two day induction process - in addition to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) check.  Those who provide services to us are also checked.  No person has unsupervised contact with children in our care until both checks have been completed and are satisfactory.  All employment is offered subject to the receipt of satisfactory checks.

Only staff members who have achieved both nursery and DBS clearance are able to toilet children and work unsupervised with a child. Those working with us do not have significant opportunities to be alone with children and the busy nursery environment combined with the arrangement of children’s rooms at The Green Door Nursery aids this.   We have no hidden corners, long corridors or places where children and staff would not be seen and heard.  We have a webcam system in the nursery and all rooms are visible to staff, managers and visitors to the nursery.  All staff members have full knowledge about their responsibilities to protect children and keep children safe for which they receive ongoing training.  Those working with us can also be assured by our practices which serve to keep them safe also.  Male staff members are paired with another for this reason.

Please refer to the Parent Information Pack sent to you at the commencement of your booking for more information about Safeguarding Children.

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