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Nursery Food for the 0-2 year Group

The lunch menu for the week is displayed in the main hallway and is supplied by a specialist caterer – Early Years Catering. Children have the cooked lunch from the menu and have fresh fruit in place of the dessert in line with our no sugar policy. Vegetarian diets are catered for. Meals are delivered to us at lunchtime - ready to serve - having been freshly prepared that morning. For more information please see Please note: If your child requires a special diet we can provide this for a small additional fee. Alternatively you can provide your child’s own food.

Afternoon and morning snack is usually a small Organix rusk or rice cake for the younger group and a cracker or fruit for the older 0-2 year group. Snacks given are only those suitable for the age group. Drinks are either full-fat organic milk or water, and are offered throughout the day not just at snack and meal times.

Tea time is given from 4.00 to 4.30pm. At tea time we offer a variety of crackers, wholemeal bread, cold meats, cheeses, salad, dried fruits/fresh fruit and organic full-fat yoghurt. We find we are more successful with offering these foods rather than a second cooked meal which often ends up on the floor. The tea time foods we offer provide a good range of nutrients and at the same time give the children variety in their diet. Very young children or those not able to chew food are given a bowl of food.

We recommend to all parents that children, regardless of age, or how well they may have eaten on a nursery day, be offered food again in the evening. It is a long time for a child to have to wait to be offered food again at breakfast the following day - even if they did eat well during their nursery day.

Questions and Answers about Meal times for the 0-2 years Group

Some frequently asked questions are:;
How much food is offered at a mealtime?
What do we do if the food is refused?
Do we help children who are starting to feed themselves?

Eating and mealtimes are an important part of our day and time and care is taken to make these happy and social occasions for the children. There is always plenty of food and the children are offered a second bowl. The bowls for the older group of 0-2 years are about the size of a soup bowl and the younger children eat from a regular size baby bowl as you will have seen in Boots or similar. Some children will regularly eat two bowls and others have a small appetite and take their time.

We recognise that all children at the nursery, regardless of age, have varying needs with their eating. All of the children are assisted with their food and where needed given encouragement also. They will hold a spoon so they have freedom to feed themselves and we hold a spoon also to make sure it is mostly going in the mouth and not all over the floor. No young child is left to feed themselves.

Our experience is that at some point or another, children have times when they will eat and times when they will not. For this I have no explanation but I can say it usually does not last more than a few days. Also there will be times when they will eat a lot more than usual and can't seem to get enough food. This will often occur as they become more mobile and active, and also simply from the rapid growth of this age group. When children do refuse food we use all of our combined skills to try and get them to take some nourishment. We might offer different food or give them some finger food if all else fails or both. We might wait and leave it until later and offer it again. We do the things I am sure you would also do at home. We will talk to you if we have any concerns to see if you can help us with information about the things you may do at home for us to try if a child is not eating well at the Nursery.

Please note: Regardless of whether or not your child has eaten well on a nursery day I would recommend that all children are offered food again in the evening at home.

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