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0-2 Years

The first room for your baby is at the front of the building and the first room as you come in to the building. This room is light, spacious and looks out over the front garden. Babies are cared for in a safe and well resourced play environment with a wide variety of sensory toys and books.  We have lots of messy activities too and spend lots of time in the garden each and every day.  We have a covered, decked outside play area solely for the use of this young group as well as the garden for their outside play so we can be outside come rain or shine. 

0-2 years oldOur very carefully selected 0-2 year staff group understand the needs of both parents and this very young group of children alike.  So important especially in these first months, when everything is new and your child is in a period of rapid growth, with ever changing needs. 

Before a child has their first day we ask you to come in for an induction where we sit down and together go through all the things we need to know about your child.  Your child’s Keyperson draws up your child’s care plan with you combining care at home with the nursery day to give the best possible start for both you and your child.   This is followed up on a day to day basis when you start to attend and then further with a one month review meeting.

0-2 year Keypersons begin building a caring relationship with your child right from the start.  We then build on this further to develop first learning for your child before they move on to the younger 2-5 year group.  Things like first social skills, language and motor skills are the main focus for this group.  Makaton is encouraged to help the children form words and communicate their needs. 

0-2 years oldFrom about 18 months your child will begin to show independence and self-will begins to emerge.  Learning to share with others, caring and making friends with their peers, becomes a big next step in your child’s development as is the development of speech and increasing their understanding of the world as they continue to progress through the nursery. 

Between twenty months and two years children move to the younger 2-5 years group.  Before this happens, as when you started at the Nursery, we again ask you to a meeting to talk about this with you and plan for this. This meeting takes place with the 2-5 year Keyperson for your child and a full handover of information is given.

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