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FAQ - 2-5 Years

What are the adult to child ratios for the older group?

Staffing levels are dictated solely by the child’s age and remains constant irrespective of what group they may be in.  These ratios are: 

  • one staff member to 4  for two year old children;
  • one staff member to 8 for three year old children.

Children’s care needs are met within this requirement and all children can have one to one on the occasions when this is needed. On any given day we are often working above the minimum requirement where a keyteam of between three and four staff work with an overall group size of 18 children with an age range of 2 – 4 years.   

My child is still in nappies.  How often are nappies changed?

Throughout the nursery, nappies are changed 3 times each day as a matter of routine and as and when needed with soiling throughout the day.  We keep records of every nappy change.

Where and when do the older children sleep?

Any child who needs a daytime sleep is given a quiet area to sleep. The children sleep in their clothing with shoes off, on padded mats on the floor with a cotton pillow case for their head.  Some children may be given a cot to sleep in if they find it difficult to sleep on a mat or are likely to wander.  Sleep time is after lunch. We keep a record of all sleeping children and all children are checked every 10 minutes by a staff member.  All sleep times are written either in the Day book or on the Daily Information sheet which is available to parents and set out each day on either a table or a notice board by the entrance to the year area. We also encourage those children not taking a sleep to have a quiet time/rest after lunch.

How do I know what my child has eaten each day?

Information about how well your child has eaten is entered on a food chart in our day book which is set out on a table in the entrance to the 2-5 year area at the end of the day.

What happens if my child displays inappropriate behaviour at the nursery? What action should I take?

On the whole children understand and accept the boundaries for behaviour which are clearly set out at the nursery.  Please refer to the Behaviour policy for guidance.  It is essential you follow the behaviour policy at home.  Staff spend a great deal of time each day praising children for good behaviour e.g. ‘well done, thank you for sharing so nicely with your friends’ or ‘I really like the way you asked for a turn with that toy.’

There are times when keypersons do need to intervene in order to develop the children’s social skills and understanding of why some things are not acceptable e.g. if a child pushes, bites or takes another child’s toy.  The keyperson will calmly approach the situation, ask the children involved what the problem is, what has happened and then discuss how best to resolve the situation.  We also encourage the children to say ‘please don’t do it, I don’t like it’ if a situation arises which makes them unhappy.

Keypersons are trained to deal with children’s behaviour in a professional and age appropriate way and manage any incidents at the time they occur. This is crucial to address so that the child learns there are immediate consequences to their actions.  As a parent we simply need you to follow the same approach to behaviour at home.  Please do not ‘follow up’ on any incident we may talk to you about at home or feel you need to take some further action as this will not be effective and may cause your child to become distressed or anxious about coming to nursery.

If we are concerned about your child’s behaviour we will talk to you and ask you to help us so we can work together to resolve the behavioural concerns.

Is there a separate session for pre-school children? What would a typical session involve?

Please refer to Guidance on Care and Learning

How is progress measured? For example, learning names of shapes, what methods are used?

Learning diaries show a child’s progress.  Each child has a Stages of Development document which is used to show each child’s approximate stage at a glance.  It is there to help guide and support planning.

Does the nursery have a diverse range of books reflecting ethnicity?

Yes, we have a wide range of books, fiction and non-fiction and rotate these regularly depending on a particular interest or subject area.

Do the children enjoy any musical sessions like singing, instruments etc?

Singing is an activity initiated by adults at least twice a day. We also have a cd player  and encourage singing at any point in the day.  Musical instruments and story-phones are available to the children at any point in any day and are used for specific learning experiences during circle times.  We will incorporate this in to an adult led activity if we wish to teach a skill or if a child shows a particular interest in them.

Does the nursery use any methods of teaching/raising awareness of different language skills like computer software, puppetry etc?

Makaton, a form of sign language is incorporated into our communication with children daily.  Communication is encouraged throughout the day in any form. Spanish is given weekly to the older children.

As part of the schedule do children have any opportunities to exercise/dance routinely?

We have the garden for gross motor exercise and at least once a day we have ‘dance music’ on for the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Creative dance classes are held weekly with a qualified instructor.

Are topics (planned) – and how are parent included? 

We email a Focus for Learning Newsletter toall nursery Parents termly which gives information about focus and adult-led activities for children.  There is also the day book in the hallway each day and the notice board which give a day to day update on learning.  Please also refer to the Guidance on Care and Learning.

Are there any child protection procedures in place such as 2 staff members being present?

All staff work within small teams of between two and three and any prolonged absence would be straight away unusual and looked in to immediately. The nursery works diligently to meet the Safeguarding children requirement and management receive considerable additional training to meet this need.  The Green Door Nursery is not complacent in meeting the need to protect children.  Safeguarding is reflected in all practices at the nursery.  Safeguarding forms much of our work on a day to day basis and is evident in all the things we do.  
Right from the point of recruitment all staff along with volunteers and students are thoroughly vetted and must pass many nursery clearance checks - including a two day induction process - in addition to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check.  Those who provide services to us also receive a DBS check.  No person has unsupervised contact with children in our care until both checks have been completed and are satisfactory.  All employment is offered subject to the receipt of satisfactory checks. 
Only staff members who have achieved nursery and DBS clearance are able to toilet children and work unsupervised with a child. Those working with us do not have significant opportunities to be alone with children and the busy nursery environment combined with the arrangement of children’s rooms at The Green Door Nursery aids this.   We have no hidden corners, long corridors or places where children and staff would not be seen and heard.  We have a webcam system also in the nursery and all rooms are visible to staff, managers and visitors to the nursery.  All staff members have full knowledge about their responsibilities to protect children and keep children safe for which they receive ongoing training.  Those working with us can also be assured by our practices which serve to keep them safe also.  Male staff members work with a higher risk and so are paired with another for this reason.
Please refer to the Parent Information Pack sent to you at the commencement of your booking for more information about Safeguarding for Children.

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