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Guidance on Care and Learning


The day is structured around the children’s care needs and this structure in turn gives children a sense of time and place and meaningful purpose to the day helping children feel secure. Knowing what to expect throughout the day is reassuring for the children and essential in a care environment. 

The routines for each age group may be similar each day but activities on offer vary in response to children’s interests.  Keypersons are responsible for targeting and extending learning through planned activities on offer and throughout play.  Keyteams meet regularly to discuss children’s interests and come up with new creative, fun ideas.  Keypersons are our most valuable resource.  Learning is mostly centred on play activities.

All learning at the nursery is governed by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) being the framework for learning for children aged 0-5 years. 

0-2 Years

In our 0-2 year group the day is arranged around each child’s individual care plan to meet the ever changing needs of the children during their first two years of development. Our room routine allows for different types of play throughout the day, including continual access to the garden, to ensure that the children enjoy all resources no matter what their individual routines may be.

2-5 Years

From two years we have a more structured day; we begin each morning with our self registration board, allowing children to ‘check in’ when they arrive. We also have our visual timeline which holds simple illustrations setting out important events throughout the day. This timeline is especially helpful for new children and is also a useful tool for those already established in the group as they can refer to it and know what we will be doing next.

The Nursery Environment and the Early Years Foundation Stage

All of our play areas are set up to provide cross curricular learning opportunities meaning that all areas of learning are integrated into all parts of the nursery environment. Throughout the day the children will have access to different activities all orientated towards the seven different areas of learning and development given in the EYFS with greater emphasis given towards the prime areas of Communication and Language, Physical and Personal, Social and Emotional.  Children’s learning follows the EYFS from birth until the age of five. For more information on the EYFS please see

Play and Learning

At the Green Door Nursery we practice free-flow, which gives the children freedom to explore all areas of the nursery including the outside areas. With this in mind, our aim each day is to place minimal restrictions on activities except for when the activity may have different safety needs. Some parts of our day are more structured such as story time where the children take part in large group activities. The free-flow approach develops independence in children as it is the child’s choice of play and interest which is taken as the lead in learning. This way the learning is more meaningful and prolonged than from an activity that has been chosen for them. Most of our day is taken up with this self-selection play where we clearly label all of the toys to support children’s choices and enhance learning.

The role of the Keyperson here is to provide an environment that is appropriately resourced and to observe the children during play. Through these day to day observations the Keyperson can plan an adult led activity to further enhance the child’s learning experience. This can be done with an individual child or as a group activity.

To help include parents in their child’s learning we send out a Focus for Learning Newsletter at the beginning of each term. We may ask for help with activities or ask you to bring in resources such as photos in the area we will be focusing on. If you wish to read about your child’s day you can check the notice boards and look in our day book when you collect your child where information will be given about each day at the nursery. This also includes how your child has eaten and slept that day and has space for you to leave any feedback for us on the information we have given you.

Each child also has their own learning diary to keep a record of their development. We hold learning reviews twice a year commencing shortly after the child begins to attend the 2-5 year group. After these reviews we ask parents to complete a questionnaire so that we can make an assessment of our performance. Parents can also request a review from us at any point if they wish to discuss any area of their child’s development and/or learning. The Keyperson may also request a review if they feel there is something they need to discuss with you.

We ask parents to tell us about their child’s interests at home and this can be simply done at handover times. Sometimes we may ask you to complete a simple handout about this. This is to help us build a more complete picture of your child’s interests and if they differ from those they show at the nursery. Knowing about a child’s home life and play is essential to be able to give the best possible learning opportunities for each child and build strong parent, carer, and child relationships.

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