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Promoting Positive Behaviour

We are fortunate to have the advantage of the small nursery environment with our small group sizes for all age groups whereby change and any learning can be supported well by the child’s keyperson and introduced slowly at the child’s pace.

Behaviour/Social Skills

Significant change commences from the age of two as your child begins to recognise their ability to be more independent. This will be seen mostly in changes to their behaviour and is to be expected as children begin to express their new found independence with those around them. It can sometimes be a challenging time for parents and carers alike especially when self will begins to emerge and behaviour develops that - although unintended – is hurtful to others. We see this as only a natural progression.

The nursery has a behaviour policy called Achieving Positive Behaviour. This sets out how behaviour is managed and social skills are taught in the nursery. It is a useful, practical guide giving appropriate and realistic expectations for all children. We ask for parents to work with us to achieve positive behaviour and follow the guidelines given in the policy.

Please be aware that although developing social skills is ongoing throughout childhood - laying the foundations early - from two years - is of paramount importance. It is equally important to note that learning the first skills does take time. Up to a year is likely and may be longer. A two year old child is just at the forefront of this new challenge and has a long way to go.

It is all about their individual level of development and as with all learning you cannot make young children achieve/understand before they are developmentally ready to do so. It is essential for your child to have reached a stage of development where they have good language skills combined with emotional maturity and the experience of positive adult role models being consistent in their care. Each of these three parts needs to be in place before your child can progress. This cannot be brought forward. It takes time and a lot of patience combined with a high standard of consistent care to be achieved.

We have a scheme whereby new children are given an older buddy/friend to help with settling in when they move to the older group. The two year old child benefits from the attachment and example set by an older child and the older child benefits from the recognition of their maturity within the group.

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