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How do I Make a Booking?

The nursery welcomes all families and places are offered dependent upon availability at the time. Once a booking is agreed we send out a booking letter along with registration forms. A further visit is arranged near to the time of starting your booking so we can discuss your child’s care needs and draw up a care plan. We also talk about the settling in period at this visit as well as give you further information about nursery policies and practice.

Please note: for two and three day bookings we ask for a Monday or Friday to be included. We also request bookings be for a minimum of two days as we find it is difficult for children to get to know us and settle well with bookings of just one day a week.

If you are booking some months in advance and are unsure about actual days needed or how many don't worry you can still proceed to book with us now to secure a booking. We would simply request confirmation of days nearer to your start date. We are happy to give any days or half days - in the first weeks - to help settle your child and accommodate any work needs to get you started before progressing to two or more days per week. Advance bookings are routinely available with a September or October start date as many of our places become available at this time when children leave to start school. We ask for bookings made for these places to commence from no later than the first week in October.

Information Needed

After visiting if you choose to book with us simply telephone or email to let us know: the days you would like to book; start date; your child's full name and date of birth; postal address and telephone number.

About the Booking Letter and the Deposit

When we hear back from you - with the information needed - we are able to send out the booking letter giving confirmation of the booking requested – subject to availability. It is only then at this point when you have your letter and all the information you need we ask for the deposit to be paid. This then confirms the booking. The deposit amount of £200 is deducted from your first month’s fees. There is also a registration fee payment of £50 when first booking with us.

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