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Guidance on What your Child will Need Each Day

Please check your child’s bag for these things every day

A small suitable bag such as a small child’s backpack - (no plastic carrier bags please)

Spare clothes - one change minimum  

Comforter child has at home - small items only please: dummy, toy or blanket

Nappies - five a day please - if needed - nappy cream provided

Milk feeds - if needed - as arranged at induction visit


Clothing to cover up for play in the outer garden – long sleeve tops/blouses/shirts; light trousers; no shorts or short skirts and dresses please

Sun hat - Legionnaire style please to cover neck and ears


Warm clothing suitable for outside play - three layers including vest please

Waterproof coat or jacket with hood please for outside play

Warm hat and gloves - no mittens please

If children do not have the clothing needed we will do our best to help with this but it may mean that your child will not be able to participate in some of the activities and especially outside activities.  We spend a lot of time in the garden outside regardless of the weather and it is really important we have all of the above items each day.

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